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Good to know

  • Language coaching sessions are for practicing speaking skills with a native Spanish speaker.  Our Language coaches are trained to have active conversations with you, asking questions and applying prompts so you can practice what you’ve learned in class.
  • Classes last 55 minutes, so make sure to arrive on time!
  • A package is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase. Classes must be scheduled before this period ends.
  • If you want to take classes with a friend, we apply 60% of the price for each additional student.
  • There is a maximum of 4 students per class.

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Take Spanish lessons, wherever you are

If you’re looking for Spanish lessons to learn the language properly and get ready for your trip, ideal job, speaking to clients, family etc, you’ve come to the right place! 

Learn Spanish from anywhere, at any moment, whether you’re taking a long distance bus ride, having your lunch break, doing an hour of cardio, as long as you have access to the internet, you can schedule your class. You’re in charge of your schedule, our Spanish teacher will be waiting for you, wherever you are around the globe.

Our Spanish courses

A1 - beginner

Completion of A1 will let you have have basic exchanges with Spanish speakers. This will include making conversations with taxi drivers and being able to tell all your friends “I speak Spanish” when drunk.

Key skills:

– Give and ask for basic information –

– Describe people, places and things –

– Talk about actions in the past tense –

A2 - elementary

Completion of A2 will let you have basic conversations with Spanish speakers, primarily around topics where you’re already familiar with language and common expressions.

Key skills:

– Express opinions and feelings –

– Compare places, experiences and objects –

– Talk about actions and situations in the future –

B1 - intermediate

At the end of B1, you’ll stop feeling guilty when drunkenly telling your friends “I speak Spanish”. You’ll feel like a real, bona-fide Spanish speaker who can handle themselves in a range of situations. You could go on a date with a stranger without the  slightly awkward pauses, which tend to occur at A2.

Key skills:

– Distinguish between different types of past actions –

– Express opinions using a variety of grammatical structures –

– Advise and recommend others –

B2 - upper-intermediate

This is where it gets exciting. A B2 level is enough to be accepted into the majority of Spanish speaking jobs or even study in a Spanish speaking university. This is where new worlds are truly unlocked, as previously inaccessible opportunities are transformed into possibilities.

Key skills:

– Talk about expectations and future projects using the subjunctive mood –

– Express agreement and disagreement –

– Use analogies to illustrate arguments –

C1 - proficient

C1 is, for all intents and purposes, fluent. At this level you’ll feel almost as comfortable as speaking your mother tongue, with only the most esoteric of terms out of your grasp. You’ll be able to navigate near any situation, be that delivering a killer business presentation or manouevring out of the many sticky situations ardent travellers find themselves in.

Key skills:

– Discuss and dissect complex issues, including politics and ethics –

– Master all forms of the subjunctive tense in both spoken and written form –

– Produce long form content, both written and verbal –

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