Learn Spanish: what to expect?

Learn Spanish from the best!

The best Spanish classes take place when a bond exists between student and teacher. To learn Spanish effectively a healthy relationship consisting of trust and respect is essential. Students must feel comfortable enough to make mistakes, as this is key to the learning process. The importance of balance in the student-teacher relationship is at the core of our classes, and is impressed on our teachers as part of our teacher training process.

Happy learning is effective learning and is the best way to reach proficiency.

The ingredients of a successful online class

Successful classes hinge on two things: the teacher, and the content.

We believe the best teachers are able to put themselves in the language learner’s shoes. All of our teachers speak English, and have gone through the language learning process themselves. This gives them the ability to empathize with their students and understand the difficulties faced when learning a new language.

Our classes are always varied and engaging. We rely on a diverse range of materials, concepts and activities all chosen to suit your learning style and goals. Conversation is actively encouraged right from the start, to help you build confidence when speaking the language. We also use “learning milestones” to give you something to work towards and let you see how far you’ve come!

Doing homework, having a Colombian coffee and practicing Spanish
Spanish classes online

A curriculum designed by experts

Our curriculum is the result of expertise and experience. It is built from scratch and is completely unique to our school and its values. Contributors to the curriculum include the founder of one of Medellin’s most successful Spanish schools and our very own lead tutor Daniel Alvarez who has over 6 years teaching experience. You can find out more about our curriculum by contacting the team.

Be the author of your success

Although we’ll be there guiding you every step of the way, you’ll ultimately be the author of your own success and how quickly you achieve it. There’s tonnes of ways to speed up the learning process. The most important is taking an active role in the class, participating and daring to make mistakes. This really is the best way to learn Spanish!

Dedicating time outside of class hours will also do wonders for your learning. Putting Spanish subtitles on Netflix and looking up unknown words is a great way to start! Finding a native speaker to practice what is learned in class is also an excellent way to consolidate knowledge. You can always book a practice session with our native Language coaches.

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